Vintage Feather Pen


Vintage Feather Pen
Vintage Feather Pen

/ Feather knowledge /:

1. The feathers are made of natural feathers. After strict degreasing, disinfection, dyeing and mercerizing treatment, the feathers have silky luster and innate elegance.

2, natural feathers, so the texture, shape, size vary, each will have a difference, the picture is only a reference, do not be a standard.   

3, natural feathers, so there is no perfect, natural flaws are within the acceptable range, non-quality problems.

4, natural feathers, no repeat shape, randomly left to right swing, the left and right sides of the feathers are asymmetrical, the length of the feathers are also different.

 Vintage Fountain Pen With Gift Box 

Vintage Feather Pen

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