Corda de telèfon universal crossbody


Corda de telèfon universal crossbody
Corda de telèfon universal crossbody

1. Universal: The back clip of mobile phone messenger chain is suitable for all smart phones from 5 to 7.2 inches.
2. Comfortable and Durable: The mobile phone chain back clip is made of anti pulling tear-proof patches with a rust-proof metal clip to keep your phone secure and easily accessible at all times.
3. Fashion Mobile Phone Accessories: Mobile phone back clip + messenger rope 2 in 1, with electroplated surface, various colors, which is very suitable for daily going out or travel.
4. Free Your Hands: The metal adjustable chain can give you a hand-free feeling. You can just take it off and use the back clip only, share and replace them in the way you like.
5. Detachable Metal Chain and Crossbody Strap Design: Equipped with anti-loss metal chain, more convenient for you to hold the phone without fear of loss. The crossbody metal chain can be taken off if you just need the back clip. It is perfect for travelling, going out or usual daily life. The chain strap length measures 47.24inch.

Corda de telèfon universal crossbody

Must see before use:
1. Do not disassemble or modify this product without permission;
2. Do not put the product near the heat source;
3. Do not store the product in a humid environment;
4. In order to avoid scratching the mobile phone for unfamiliar use, it is recommended to put on the mobile phone case before using it;
5. Because the surface of the mobile phone clip has electroplated coating, it is recommended not to put it together with hard objects (such as keys) in the bag to prevent the surface of the mobile phone clip from being worn;
6. Risk tip: because the interface between the mobile phone chain and the mobile phone clip is a movable button, except for the normal buckle, do not pull hard at the closure of the button every day to avoid loosening the mobile phone clip and damaging the mobile phone!
7. Please do not disassemble or repair it without permission. If you do these, customers cannot return the product;
8. Containing small parts, biting and swallowing are dangerous for ventricular breathing. It is prohibited for children under 3 years old.

Degut al diferent efecte de monitorització i llum, el color real de l’element podria ser lleugerament diferent del color que es mostra a les imatges. Gràcies!
Permetre la desviació de mesura de 1-2cm a causa de la mesura manual.

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