Escuradents LED de sabre làser


Escuradents LED de sabre làser
Escuradents LED de sabre làser

A Long Time Ago, At A Dinner Table Far, Far Away… There was a happy movie fan who had a pair of ultra-cool reusable lightsaber chopsticks instead of those boring bamboo ones.

It’s Time To Discover Your Destiny & Save The Galaxy From Boring Chopsticks! If you are looking for a pair of fun chopsticks that will impress all your friends, make every sushi night unique and add a dash of The Force to your dinner table… look no further!

Escuradents LED de sabre làser

May The Delicious Food Be With You
Wage Colorful Wars Your Sushi, Noodles, Japanese, Chinese, Thai Or Vietnamese Food With Your Light-up Chopsticks, Which Feature Bright Red And Blue Led’s.

Come To The Yummy Side Of The Force & Dazzle Everyone!
Your LED Lightsaber Chop Sticks Will Make A Great Birthday And Christmas Gifts For All Those Diehard Movie Fans!

The fate of the galaxy is in your hands
Use the handy buttons to turn the power on or off! Plus, you’ll get 6 replacement batteries so you can start using your glowing chopsticks right away!

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